Resolving the New Year: 2014 in Review

“This year will be different.”
“I will reach or exceed my own expectations.”
“I will do the things I’ve never done before.”

This year WILL be different. And I know this because it is already different.

This year, I did not wait for January 1. And now that another obligatory pull-your-self-together-after-the-binge-and-rush-of-the-holidays approaches, I am ready. I am walking past the Costco displays of yoga and Pilates gift sets. I am ignoring the color-coded family-sized organization centers. I turn the other cheek to the ads selling the secret to getting your pre-baby body back. (I am eight months pregnant and the target audience for such claims.) I just walk on by.

I am immune to this “starting over” season ahead, because this year I didn’t wait to start over.

Instead of here listing all of the goals I want to accomplish in this fresh canvas of a new year, I would rather enjoy a year in review. A lot has happened, and I’m proud to say I didn’t wait for the Times Square crystal ball to drop.


Goal Accomplished: Clearing our whole house

We celebrated our fourth year in our house on May 1 of this year. Before it was our house, it was my great aunt Dee’s, and we moved in all of our copious amounts of stuff (before I had the decluttering habit figured out) on top of her stuff. For four months that first year, our living room and dining room was wall-to-wall furniture storage. It has taken four years, but everything we do not need that was hers is now gone. There are items we have assimilated, but only useful, high quality pieces of furniture. Even her personal items that were difficult to give away at first are gone. Instead, there is a glamorous photo of her from her early twenties prominently displayed where we see it every day. I enjoy telling my girls B and P about their great-great aunt Deedee, and how this was her house, and that if she had known them, she would have loved them very much. These stories are what fills the space in our home, not stuff.

Goal Accomplished: My Body

It took me almost a year after P was born to get exercise worked back into my life. But on May 4 this year, I started the P90X system, and I LOVE it. I would also love to tell you about all the excess weight I lost, and my incredible results. But I only used it for two weeks before I found out I was pregnant with our third! I was frustrated, for a moment, because I had wanted to be lighter and stronger for the next pregnancy. But what I learned is that I can do it, and even after just 14 days I could already feel that this was going to work for me. In the first week of doing the AbX routine, I was stronger in my core, and I felt ready for the next week in the system. I look forward to beginning again in February, when I get my postpartum workout clearance.

Goal Accomplished: Housekeeping System

I recently read Bootcamp for Lousy Housekeepers by Heidi Schapp. I have read MANY home organization books and blogs and this by far has been the most helpful. She organizes the week into zones. In my house now, for example, Wednesday is always Cleaning Day. Thursday is always Laundry Day, Tuesday is Kitchen day and I just bake and cook up a storm. You get the idea. She has free worksheets for download on her blog, but I really recommend reading the book as well. It is available on KindleUnlimited. In the weeks since I read it, I have gone back and referenced it many times as I work through the kinks of our new housekeeping plan. One of the features different from other systems is a comprehensive Emergency Plan for when days are interrupted by the unexpected. Yes, there are days when all I can muster is changing a diaper and throwing cold leftovers onto plates. But Mama said there’d be days like this, and for days like this, you don’t have to let despair creep in if you have a plan to get through it. Just follow your notes, do the best you can, and start in again the next day. Read the book–you won’t regret it.

These three paradigm shifts in my life this year have dynamically changed the way I face each day. They are ongoing, of course, as any beautiful thing requires regular care and maintenance. But this year I didn’t wait for the January 1 on the calendar. I dove in when I was ready, on whatever day I was ready, and left the guilt of not starting behind.

Will I have New Years Resolutions for 2015? Not really. We’ll just see what gifts this fresh year brings.


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