National Poetry Month Begins Today!

April is National Poetry Month

Poetry on its own is not a huge part of my writing.  But when I am working on a script (as author or director) the language is accessed by my brain in a poetic way.  And many times my notes to myself are written imagistically with heightened language.  And there’s nothing like skillfully arranging words to describe something you love or that is beautiful or interesting or important.

All to say, POETRY is all around us in many forms, even if we don’t formalize it.

My friend and collaborating pal Mike Maggio IS a poet (and he does know it) and is celebrating this poetic month of April with his 30 for 30 project.  That’s 30 poets in 30 days.  I am number 23!  I can’t wait to read everyone’s stuff every day.   There are some really great writers on the list.

My poem will be posting on Mike’s site on April 23, but here’s a sneaky peaky excerpt from my free verse poem Some Day:

I throw a package of tofu and a can of tomato soup in my bag
for lunchtime
for mealtime
for whenever I get two and a quarter minutes
in front of the microwave
to stare and slow.
Some day I will set
a Thanksgiving table.
Some day I will sip
a mojito by the duck pond
and soak up the time.
Check back here for the full poem on April 23, and check out the other 29 poets in Mike Maggio’s 30 for 30 each day during April, National Poetry Month.

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Begins Today!

  1. Thank you fellow collaborator and cloudist. It’s been a fine month and your poem has added to by daily delight.

    • Thanks, Mike! It has been fun to read what others are writing, obviously, but also to get a better understanding of the poet community you are a part of. Thanks again for making it happen.

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