The Prodigal Piggy: When Lost Lovies Come Home

When a LOST stuffed animal is FOUND again, take photos of it's adventures!  #magicalchildhood #awesomeparenting

When a LOST stuffed animal is FOUND again, take photos of it’s adventures!

“Call Mommy, call Mommy for Piggy,” says an exasperated B to her Dad.  I am summoned and asked, “Where’s Piggy?”


Every parent knows this moment well.  When the beloved doll/animal/super hero/softie lovie is missing.  And nothing else will do.  And no answer is correct.  Logic has no power in these moments.

“Umm, Sweetie, Piggy went on an adventure,” I stumble.  Miraculously, she BUYS it.  Bedtime is saved.

A day or two later, another miracle happens.  John finds Piggy.  Where was he?  Doesn’t really matter, but let’s just say he took a ride in a sweatshirt pocket and went for a spa treatment (gentle cycle) in the whirlpool on Maytag Mountain.

Now that Piggy is nice and clean, John has a brilliant idea: Document his adventure so B can see where Piggy was all that time.  I present to you The Epic Adventures of Piggy!

We showed her the photos during bedtime, when she was all tucked in Piggy-less, as if they had just been emailed to John’s tablet.  “Oh, looks like I’ve got a new email.  Oh, B!  It’s Piggy!  He sent you something!”  She lights up.  Every kid loves mail, but from a long lost plush pal?  Amazing!

What was even more amazing was when Piggy RETURNED after the slideshow!  Just in time for lights out, triumphant and ready to snuggle in for a well-deserved sleep.  B embraced her little Piggy, said her prayers, and in the long list of thank-you-God-for’s included her good little pink friend, happy that he returned to her safely.

In my long list of thank-you-God-for’s is John for the amazing way he makes the best of things, B’s imagination, and priceless moments like these.  All in a day.


The magic of childhood is priceless, and John and I have so much fun making the worlds of our two little girls, B and P.  What magical moments have you created for your loved ones?  Drop us a line!  Leave a comment below.  We’d love to hear from you!



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