Tiny Artists: The Importance of Building a Portfolio of Work


The other week, B and P went with John and his dad, the girls’ Papi, to the Baltimore Science Center to see DINOSAURS!  Huge.  Deal.  There was so much to do, we are going to go back so we can see the rest of the place.  Nearly everything was interactive and designed to engage with young audiences in a way that will spark curiousity and hopefully a lifelong pursuit of asking, “Why” and “How” and “Let me try.”

What was equally important was an experiment that John set up for B, who is exactly 2 and one-third years that day, which involved her taking photographs of her very own.

John gave her his Nintendo 3DS for the day (normally logjambed with his Zelda game and my Professor Layton) to take photos to post to her private webpage.  She took over 60 photos and here are a few that I love the most:

Why have a toddler take photos?  Other than the obvious entertainment value (Papi’s shoes look funny!) and memory making for her (I remember when we went to the museum!), I am interested in B developing her own artist portfolio.  This online record of her photos will be an invaluable resource to develop her aesthetic eye, pay attention to details, learn beauty and create composition.  It will be a starting place for conversations about art, society, patterns, urban planning, nature, human behavior, and everything that exists in the physical world.

It is her first step creating work that is her very own.

Yes, we will still have fingerpainting.  In fact I hope her fingerpainting is inspired from her photography.  We will still have coloring and handwriting and image making other than photography.  But photography, now, as her language skills develop, is yet another way to communicate with her, like signing, without words.  Beyond text.  Instantly.  With ART.

B’s photography portfolio will serve as a record of her personal delvopment and relationship to the world.  A place to say things she does not yet have words for.

And I can’t wait to see what she will say next.


Stay tuned for more work from our little B!  What work are you proud of from your children?  In what ways are you working to cultivate an appreciation for art?  Keep the conversation going!  Leave a post below.  B would love to read comments about her photos!



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