Little People, Big Words

It snowed this morning.  Again.  We think it’s beautiful.

B especially likes playing in the “snowflakes” with Daddy.  Getting bundled, however, is a chore.  There are layers, plastic bags between socks and boots (The Fuentes Way) and more layers.  It’s like the scene from A Christmas Story when he couldn’t put his arms down.

Tights, socks, plastic bags, boots, snow pants, onesie, two shirts, jacket, socks on hands, more plastic bags, mittens, rain coat, hat, and scarf later, B stands at the top of the stairs.  Seeing John in a similar getup she says, “Daddy, you look ree-dick-luss like me!”


She’s right.  The two of them together look warm, if not slightly like a rummage sale, wearing what appears to be 80% of their wardrobe at once.  But it’s the words and the sentence construction that catch my ear.  She correctly used the word RIDICULOUS.

It’s one of the 30 million words that kids need to hear and use before entering school to prove successful over their lifetimes.  “How parents interact with their children is of great consequence,” according to this Rice University study.  Whenever John or I are being particularly verbose, or use a word not commonly heard, we are fond of saying, “That’s one of the 30 million words” reminding ourselves of what we are positively exposing our children.  Check out the study!  Update your vocabulary lists, Home Schoolers!  Raise the level of discourse!

Enjoy the weather, keep warm, and keep talking to your kids!


What words have your children surprised you with?  Thoughts on the 30 Million Words Gap of the Rice University study?  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below.  Let’s keep the conversation going!



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